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Джон Риджуэй пишет про confirmation bias и т.п.:

На YouTube можно найти ряд презентаций на тему "Как поговорить с отрицателем изменения климата". Вы увидите, что эти советы предлагаются в серьезных тонах, напоминающих те, которые использовались в воскресной школе. Нет никакой возможности, чтобы эти люди считали себя недостающими в целостности. Действительно, искренность зашкаливает. Однако во всех этих советах вы тщетно будете искать самый ценный: "Попробуйте внимательно прислушаться к так называемому отрицателю, чтобы узнать, есть ли какая-то правда или мудрость в том, что они говорят". Причина, по которой этот совет не может быть найден, заключается в том, что не имеет смысла хотеть понимать чью-то точку зрения, когда все, что вы действительно хотите или ожидаете – повиновение. Это, я считаю, является серьезной ошибкой, поскольку только путем оспаривания собственных взглядов можно защитить их целостность. Я не хочу этого говорить, поскольку это такое клише, но такой подход - в чистом виде религия. Как и во всех атаках на скептицизм в области климатологии, в этом прослушивается сентенция "тот, кто не имеет веры..."

Оригинал здесь.
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Народ в надежде вопрошает: "Может, фейк?" Да нет, похоже, так и есть:

иногда банан - это не просто банан

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У Тимура Шаова (который, кстати, врач) есть "Вредная песня", заканчивающася такими словами:
Не надо, братцы, слушать пустую дребедень –
Давайте, братцы, кушать хотя бы через день!
Это хорошо вписывается в растущий нарратив, что все эти госфинансированные умники в FDA и CDC не просто зря имели всем мозги последние 50 лет, но и отвечают за всплеск ожирения в США.

И вот ещё подобная информация:

More Evidence That Everything the Government Teaches Us About Eating Is Wrong
Global study goes against the grain on fats, fruits, and dietary dogma

The ongoing Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) project has found both saturated and unsaturated fat intake linked to better heart health, that a high-carb diet is a better predictor of health risks than fat consumption, and that the health benefits of fruit, vegetables, and legumes like beans and chickpeas may plateau at three to four servings per day.
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Aside: "Mr. Damore’s prospective employment lawsuit won’t be the great air-clearing this issue needs: Google will pay him off handsomely because it knows it doesn’t have a leg to stand on."

The Google Memo: Four Scientists Respond


Lee Jussim

The author of the Google essay on issues related to diversity gets nearly all of the science and its implications exactly right. [...] I cannot speak to the atmosphere at Google, but: 1. Given that the author gets everything else right, I am pretty confident he is right about that too; 2. It is a painfully familiar atmosphere, one that is a lot like academia.

Here, I mainly focus on the reactions to the essay on the Gizmodo site, which indirectly and ironically validate much of the author’s analysis. Very few of the comments actually engage the arguments; they just fling insults and slurs.

David P Schmitt

A Google employee recently shared a memo that referenced some of my scholarly research on psychological sex differences (e.g., personality traits, mate preferences, status-seeking). Alongside other evidence, the employee argued, in part, that this research indicates affirmative action policies based on biological sex are misguided. Maybe, maybe not. [...] There have been (and likely will continue to be) many socio-structural barriers to women working in technological jobs. These include culturally-embedded gender stereotypes, biased socialization practices, in some cultures explicit employment discrimination, and a certain degree of masculinization of technological workplaces. Within this sea of gender bias, should Google use various practices (affirmative action is not just one thing) to especially encourage capable women of joining (and enjoying) the Google workplace? I vote yes.

Geoffrey Miller

An anonymous male software engineer recently distributed a memo titled ‘Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber’. Within hours, this memo unleashed a firestorm of negative commentary, most of which ignored the memo’s evidence-based arguments. Among commentators who claim the memo’s empirical facts are wrong, I haven’t read a single one who understand sexual selection theory, animal behavior, and sex differences research. [...] For what it’s worth, I think that almost all of the Google memo’s empirical claims are scientifically accurate. Moreover, they are stated quite carefully and dispassionately. Its key claims about sex differences are especially well-supported by large volumes of research across species, cultures, and history. [...] Here, I just want to take a step back from the memo controversy, to highlight a paradox at the heart of the ‘equality and diversity’ dogma that dominates American corporate life. The memo didn’t address this paradox directly, but I think it’s implicit in the author’s critique of Google’s diversity programs. This dogma relies on two core assumptions:

* The human sexes and races have exactly the same minds, with precisely identical distributions of traits, aptitudes, interests, and motivations; therefore, any inequalities of outcome in hiring and promotion must be due to systemic sexism and racism;

* The human sexes and races have such radically different minds, backgrounds, perspectives, and insights, that companies must increase their demographic diversity in order to be competitive; any lack of demographic diversity must be due to short-sighted management that favors groupthink.

The obvious problem is that these two core assumptions are diametrically opposed.

Debra W Soh

As a woman who’s worked in academia and within STEM, I didn’t find the memo offensive or sexist in the least. I found it to be a well thought out document, asking for greater tolerance for differences in opinion, and treating people as individuals instead of based on group membership.

Within the field of neuroscience, sex differences between women and men—when it comes to brain structure and function and associated differences in personality and occupational preferences—are understood to be true, because the evidence for them (thousands of studies) is strong. This is not information that’s considered controversial or up for debate; if you tried to argue otherwise, or for purely social influences, you’d be laughed at.

Details and recommended reading at http://quillette.com/2017/08/07/google-memo-four-scientists-respond/
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Me confused.

A few minutes ago the President came on the air to talk about the shooting at Fort Hood. And for the first two minutes or so I could hardly believe my ears - he was talking about some "very productive meeting" his advisers just had regarding some Native American problem and thanking them. Only after that (and a "shout-out" to a friend of his in the audience) did he say a few words about the tragedy.

We'll see how the fourth estate covers it.
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Sarah Palin's 'Rogue' book has a competitor: 'Rouge'
Sarah Palin’s book skyrocketed to number one as soon as it was announced it was ready to be released. ‘Going Rogue’ is expected to sell so well that her opponents have done a parody of it with a similar cover titled ‘Going Rouge’, undoubtedly in hopes of cashing in on this ‘cash cow’ that IS Sarah Palin. They hate her, but they aren’t above trying to get as much money as they can from her. [...]

The $1.25 million advance that Palin received is just the portion of the advance she received while she was governor. It is estimated that she received approximately $7 million as her total retainer for writing the book. (More...)

By Joe Kimball | Published Mon, Oct 26 2009 10:48 am

When Sarah Palin's big-bucks memoir "Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin" comes out Nov. 17, there'll be another book about her hitting the stores the same day: "Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, an American Nightmare."
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"I'm here for the free money."
"Where is this money coming from?"
"From Obama."
"Where did Obama get the funds?"
"Obama might have gotten the funds... I have no idea!"

There was another similar clip on the radio - in it, the interviewee theorized that "Obama ight have gotten the money from his stash" - but I can't find it...
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Obama's Lies Matter, Too
The president pushes back against health care misinformation, then spreads a bunch of his own.
Matt Welch | September 10, 2009

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Some time ago I started hearing mortgage ads on the radio. EastWest Mortgage is advertising FHA loans, including - get this - "no-income and no-asset verification loans".

Hmm... Where have we seen this before?
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By Lily Galili

In the past two weeks, in advance of U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Russia, chapters of the Bible have become hot current events items in the Russian-language media in Israel. This is not necessarily a matter of an increasing link to the Jewish sources, but rather the use of verses found relevant to eroding the American president's legitimacy.

The Torah portion "Noah" has become particularly popular, and especially his son Ham. This Ham - whose name in Russian also means a very crude person - was punished in the Bible by having his skin turn black, with all his descendants doomed to be blacks destined for a life of slavery. Another very popular text lately is a verse from Proverbs: "Under three things the earth trembles, under four it cannot bear up." The first of the heralds of evil, according to the verse, is "a slave who becomes king."

Each of these chapters is important in itself, but the real sparks are created by the connection between the two: Ham the black man who is doomed to eternal slavery and brings suffering to the world when a black slave becomes king - or in this case, ascends the throne of the presidency of the United States.

The large community of Russian-speaking Jews in America is not enthusiastic about the new president either. But here there is an interesting cultural difference. While Russian speakers in Israel proudly proclaim their rejection of political correctness, their colleagues in America have actually internalized what is politically correct. They are far less preoccupied with the color of the president's skin, and focus on his Muslim background. That is considered legitimate.

Full article at http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1098069.html
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"I remember my shock the first time the federal government spent a billion dollars. Fortunately, most of it was wasted." - R.A. Heinlein, "To Sail Beyond the Sunset"

House Democrats Clear Budget Bill for Passage

House Democrats resolved an internal squabble over a $3.5 trillion fiscal 2010 budget plan, clearing the way for final passage of the blueprint tomorrow, to mark President Obama's 100th day in office.
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Obama to get Hanuman idol

NEW DELHI: With Democrat senator Barack Obama busy in the run-up to the US presidential polls, a group of
well-wishers in the capital have decided to send him a symbol of his lucky charm, Lord Hanuman, to help him emerge victorious.

Obama's representative Carolyn Sauvage-Mar on Tuesday received a gold-plated two-feet-high idol which she will pass it on to the Obama after it is sanctified.

The idol is being presented to Obama as he is reported to be a Lord Hanuman devotee and carries with him a locket of the monkey god along with other good luck charms.

An hour-long prayer meeting to sanctify the idol was earlier organised at Sankat Mochan Dham and by Congress leader Brijmohan Bhama, Balmiki Samaj and the temple's priests.

"Obama has deep faith in Lord Hanuman and that is why we are presenting an idol of Hanuman to him," said Bhama.

Accepting the souvenir, Sauvage-Mar, who is chairperson of Democrats Abroad-India, said, "Obama has extended his thanks for the support."

However, questions on Obama's religious beliefs elicited just a smile from Sauvage-Mar, apparently to avoid controversy back home where the Democrat senator is pitted against the Republican Party's John McCain in the Presidential polls.

The idol will be kept at the temple for 11 more days and then sent to US.

"We will perform the prayers for 11 days and then hand the idol to Carolyn who will send it to Obama," said the temple priest.


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