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The following is a translation of this Hebrew Facebook post.

Здесь русский перевод.

July 22 2014

I come to tell you a long story that I’ve kept inside me since the first day of this action.

Many of my friends who call themselves leftists diligently tell me of Israel’s army crimes and the “humanitarian holocaust” we have inflicted on the Palestinian people. One woman whose name I won’t mention even reacted to my today’s post, in which I excoriate Hamas (possibly it’s not entirely correct) by saying: “There’s enough poison on the Web.” Well, I think there’s not enough poison on the Web, because my hatred of Hamas is cause not just by Hamas’ hatred of me; it’s caused by what they do with their own people, who already have it hard living in Gaza.

Hamas has turned the life of Gazans into hell on earth. Hamas has trampled on their rights, their dignity, has turned them into cannon fodder, into living shields. It bothers them and forces them to obey, and woe to the resistor.

So how can one say that Hamas represents Gazans? It’s not so! Hamas has turned into a monster before which Gazans quake! Yes, no less than before the Zionist enemy.

How do I know this? That’s what you can learn from what I will tell you now. Whether you believe me or not, I do not wish death on the Gazans, because they’re people too, and it’s awful to wish death on another. So before you start up BS about the “slaughter by IDF in Gaza,” remember that Gazans have not one, but two enemies, and Hamas is the crueler of them.
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I'm not sure why they think that I'm a "Christian friend of the Jewish people", but here's a solicitation letter I've received recently:
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Тут мне один экс-израиьтянин сообщил, что народ, которому раввинат ставит палки в колёса на тему жениться, не только на Кипр/в Прагу ездит. Что устраивают церемонии с кольцом и двумя кошерными свидетелями, видеоснимают это всё, и якобы все госучреждения обязаны считать их женатыми, как если бы раввинат их поженил.

Правда ли это?
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The distinctions in Jewish Law regarding the status of a woman who lives with a man to whom she is not married formed the basis of the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Agbara v. Agbara (CA 4946/94, 49(2) PD 508). The case concerned a divorced couple, whose divorce agreement stipulated that “the husband’s obligation to pay the entire sum of maintenance… will apply until each of the children has reached 21 years of age or until the wife remarries, if she remarries, whichever the later” (p. 510 of judgment). Following the husband’s remarriage and subsequent separation from his second wife – without a get, due to the second wife’s refusal to accept it – the original couple resumed living together as “common law spouses.” Eighteen years later the husband left the home. The woman claimed that the original divorce agreement was still in force, as she had not yet married, and the man was therefore liable for maintenance payments. The husband claimed that his obligation under the agreement lapsed at the point that the wife had received a secure financial framework, and that the agreement was void by implication because their actions, upon returning to live together, attested to its annulment. The Supreme Court (Justice Zvi Tal) ruled that, in accordance with Jewish Law, the agreement was no longer valid because the condition regarding the woman’s remarriage had been fulfilled, and the woman was considered as both betrothed and married to the man.
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Будем посмотреть...

By David Samuels - Apr 09, 2009, Slate

The more Israeli leaders huff and puff about their determination to stop Iran`s nuclear program, the more sophisticated analysts are inclined to believe that Israel is bluffing. After all, if George W. Bush refused to provide Israel with the bunker busters and refueling capacity to take out Iran`s nukes in 2008, the chance that Barack Obama will give Israel the green light anytime soon seems quite remote—this being the same President Obama who greeted North Korea`s recent missile launch with a speech outlining his plan to dismantle America`s nuclear arsenal on the way to realizing his dream of a nuclear-free world.

Israel`s performance in the 2006 war in Lebanon was widely depicted as catastrophic, and with Israel`s diplomatic standing hitting new lows after the stomach-turning images of destruction from Gaza, the diplomatic consequences of a successful attack on Iranian nuclear facilities might be worse than the prospect of military failure. There is also the fact that no one knows exactly where Iran`s nuclear assets are.

Many perfectly reasonable people chalk up the rhetorical excesses of both parties to the hot desert sun and assume that nothing particularly awful will happen whether Iran becomes a nuclear power or not. From a U.S. point of view, at least, there is little reason to doubt the analysis that a nuclear Iran with a few dozen bombs can be contained at relatively limited cost using the same strategies that successfully constrained an aggressive Soviet Empire armed with nearly 45,000 nuclear warheads at the height of the Cold War.

What the nuclear optimists miss is that it is not the United States that is directly threatened by the Iranian nuclear program but Israel—and the calculations that drive our Middle Eastern client state are very different from those that guide the behavior of its superpower patron.

Full article at http://www.israelunitycoalition.org/news/article.php?id=3922


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